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Virtual Assistant



Virtual assistants can perform multiple important tasks to make your professional and personal life easier. You can find various virtual assistant companies online and choose the virtual assistant services as per your requirements. They work both, on freelancing and contractual basis. You don’t have to find dedicated space for them anywhere as they have their own home office space.

Yes, that’s right! Virtual assistants work from home and perform all the tasks for you at a much lower cost compared to the set of employees that you may have planned to hire.

Virtual assistants perform their duties as per your needs and terms of the contract. Even though they work on a contractual basis, they offer flexibility with the terms of contract and deliver the virtual assistant services they have been hired for.

The only difference is that the virtual assistant works from home and doesn’t have a desk in your office.


Duties & Responsibilities

Some examples a virtual assistant can help you with:

  • Administrative Work

    • Scheduling meetings.

    • Booking appointments.

    • Answering phone calls.

    • Booking travel arrangements.

    • Basic data entry.

  • Personal Tasks

  • Content Creation

  • Managing Finances

    • Manage your finances.

    • Make purchases.

    • Keep a track of your expenses.

  • Basic Accounting Knowledge​

    • Check which clients are reliable and which ones pay their bills late.

    • Understand how your expenses are impacting profitability.

    • Determine which clients are scheduled for a revision in rates.

  • Email Management

    • Go through all the emails to clear out any spam that’s inched in.

    • Handle follow-ups, answer job inquiries and general questions.

    • Filter and organize your inbox.

    • Carry out email marketing campaigns.

    • Manage email lists.



Lara Beysens

Marseille, France


Cellular/Mobile + Whatsapp: +33 6 1982 8786

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